. Garinger Magnet School: Business & Theatre / Charlotte, North Carolina, USA (1995-1998)

. iActing Studios: Film/TV Acting, Stage Acting, Voice Over, Business, Commercials, Vocal Conditioning, etc. / Burbank, California, USA (2014)


I was born April 4th, 1980 in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I attended high school at Garinger High School - graduating in 1998.
My first short story was published in the book 'A Family Collage' when I was eleven years old.  I have since published two books; 'Penny and Ripshin Mountain OR "Under mama's frozen green beans."' and 'Jimmy and Roan Mountain OR "Passing the muster test."' 

I started dabbling in voice work in 1996 at sixteen years old.  In 2004 I began work (editing, designing, publishing, etc.) on the non-fiction book; 'Penny and Ripshin Mountain OR "Under mama's frozen green beans."'  2009 brought my second non-fiction publication; 'Jimmy and Roan Mountain OR "Passing the muster test."'   In early-2014 I began focusing on more voice over work/acting.